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Nina 11 x 17 Glossy Paper

"Black resilience stemming from the power of grassroots efforts names a racial experience which enables not only Black people, but all, to articulate larger realities; If we carry or enact our history, then we can understand how Black revolution yields the power of societal critique.

I combined portraits of James Baldwin who explored the intricacies of Black radicalism throughout his life as a gay Black man and Nina Simone who exposed the magic of a militant Black power movement through her music and built a connection to the roots of the movement through ritualized, musical political performances. Both are social critics highlighted with floral elements of design to speak of racialized experiences in a realist and perspective, and to highlight that our history is incapable of suppressing the connection we have to the physical world--that it does quite the opposite. The more attune I am personally with the materiality of these experiences, the clearer it is to me that Black power is first harvested within the self, and then the world outside of ourselves."

By Shannen

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