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Our Story

Throughout history, crystals have been considered valuable and sacred. The energy within the crystal is what draws us, they are living entities, each with an energy field that has the capacity to connect with ours.

Perhaps consciousness is not a human thing that lives in the brain, but rather an element of energy that communicates awareness. Energy reaches out beyond physical confines to direct us, to comfort us, to remind us that we all exist as one element of the same energetic source.

Crystals manifest this connection beyond humanity and bring us back to the roots of creation, to the source of our serenity, to the meaning of oneness. This line of jewelry celebrates the exquisite beauty each stone has to offer. Wrapped in wire, the stones are revered in their natural state, radiating energy from their center to yours, just as Mother Nature intended.

Bianka, the creator of b.serene, began collecting crystals at ten years old, not realizing she would be embarking on a journey into the fascinating realm of metaphysical healing. It was not until recently that she taught herself the art of crystal wrapping, which initially served as a way to clear her mind from the stress of college life and encourage self healing.

She began to wear her personal creations everywhere she went, noticing the attention it received and the good energy it drew in. After many order requests from friends and family, she realized this was the perfect opportunity to share her passion for crystal healing with a greater community, and thus b.serene was born.

Now, Bianka works as an Engineer in Silicon Valley, cherishing even more the moments that allow her to pause and experience serenity. She understands that in today's society, we are encouraged to work at rates that cause us to burn out and ignore important facets our of everyday life that makes us, us.

With that in mind, she hopes that b.serene products can serve as a reminder to meditate, take a walk, reach out to a friend, to do whatever it is that brings you a peace of mind. Each handwrapped crystal is done so with positive energy and love, by Bianka.